"By signing in chiang mai fc, I knew I was go to a big team  but I had to go for progress," he said during an interview

*You have become a holder is indisputable in the device of your new club, you have quickly adapted to the system of new coach ...

I could not imagine a better start,  When I meet the boss (his coach), he warned me that him cannot guarantee  my  place in first eleven, I have to fight and work hard for it. I did not expect a difficult change. There are more technical in Ivory Coast, it's true, but the biggest difference is the quickness in the technical gesture, much higher here. Indeed I was surprised by the quality of training, little similar to those of the team fc shenzhen, and by the work of rehearsal at the pass.

*Why did you leave  your old club ?

I wanted to progress in football and somewhere, I wanted to move forward, move in my game. By signing in chiang mai fc, I knew I was go to a big team  but I had to go for progress  And  although I have not experienced the consecration of a title in my young football career, I have all known: the training center,at the age 15 years olds I had played  three  years for senior citizens in the first division of the Ivory Coast with very good times. It was time to up my level.

*What are your goals this season?

I want to become one of the largest players in my current club and meet all the expectations that people have placed in me. I want to participate to a maximum of victories. I'll have to work extra hard in training, be more careful and have a good consistency in the benefits. I hope we win all the competitions in which we are engaged.

*Are you a football fan?

Yes, I see the stairs on TV to compare teams and players. I guess what I would do instead of the guys on the ground, in what areas I could improve. Then I try to copy things in players that I like most

*What are your long-term ambitions?

Thailand  is only a stepping stone for me because I want to play in Europe in the greatest If you have talent and you have the opportunity to demonstrate on the ground  you can go as far as I  just waiting  of opportunity  to show  my talent and I do not doubt my talent

*Your last word ...

I would tell all those who believe in me and my football, I will success in my career,  I have confidence in my talent and my ability to succeed in football, the time will come when J will be my chance to prove my talent.

I want to honor my father has died and that his soul rests in peace.


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